Mobius Toolkit

From our maps, to the mobile app, get the tools you need to transform the way you innovate.

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The Tools

Get to know our tools and techniques and how they can help you get to better outcomes.

Mobius Quickstart Guide

Cover of the Mobius Quick Start Guide

Discover the fastest way to get up to speed on Mobius.

The Maps

Get started with our uniquely customizable Mobius maps. Each map is an invaluable tool to help guide you through the innovation process.

  • Mobius Loop
  • Mobius Navigator
  • Discovery Map
  • Options Map
  • Delivery Map
  • Motivation Map

The Trigger Cards

Now available

Mobius Trigger Cards offer all of our techniques to go. Use them to spark conversations, inspire new ideas, and help to design workshops.

The Mobile App

Available soon.

Download the Mobius mobile app and access Mobius tools and techniques wherever the need for innovation strikes.

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